Teppal peppers

What is a Teppal Pepper?

Teppal is the Indian name for black pepper. It is a spice that is used in many dishes around the world.

They are predominantly found in Indian, Thai, and Indonesian cuisine.

It is also known as the mistress of spices and is very pungent. You need to develop a taste for it.

Goans use this pepper in almost every dish they make. It is predominantly used in fish curries in Konkan, Goa & Karwar.

It is also used as a medicine to treat colds and headaches. Teppal peppers have a very unique flavor, with a high heat level, that is not found in other hot peppers.

How do Teppal peppers look like?

Many people mistake Teppal peppers to be what is present inside the shell. But the surprising thing is the peppers are actually the shell. As is explained in the image below,

Teppal peppers
Teppal peppers

The actual teppal is dried and once it is reached the required texture, the seeds inside the shell are taken out and discarded. The dried outer shell is then taken and ground into a fine powder. This powder is what is used in cooking.

It gives out a pungent smell which is one of the trademarks of a good teppal pepper.

Teppal Peppers are used to remove the fish smell from fish curry

These peppers are predominantly used in fish curries in the Indian regions of Konkan and Goa.

Normally fish curries carry with them the raw smell of the fish which is sometimes present even if cooked to perfection.

In certain regions, this pepper is nicely ground and added to the final dish. This aromatic pepper removes the pungent smell and maximizes the flavors of other ingredients.

The aspect that even after so much process involved in cooking, just a small addition of this pepper can make a whole lot of difference to the aesthetic of the dish is quite magical to me.

Similar magic is generally provided by salt, whose addition naturally enhances the flavor of the dish by many times. But this pepper is a lesser-known ingredient that could very well make a regular presence in your cooking aided by the health benefits it offers.

Szechuan Pepper vs Teppal Pepper

People always confuse themselves between the Schezwan pepper and the teppal pepper. Here are some key differences between the two.

Teppal or Tirphal (Zanthoxylum rhetsa) is a relatively less known spice compared to its more famous cousin Szechuan pepper (Zanthoxylum piperitum).

They may look alike and tastes almost the same, but Szechuan Pepper vs Teppal Pepper pepper is smaller in size. The teppal is called ‘Indian prickly ash’ and the Szechuan Pepper vs Teppal Pepper pepper is called ‘Chinese prickly ash’.

The Teppal peppers have an aromatic odor that can be described as lemon-like, with more or less warm and woodsy overtones.

What are the Health Benefits of Eating Teppal Peppers?

Teppal peppers are a type of pepper that is commonly used in Indian cooking and are often pickled and eaten with rice or eaten as a side dish.

In India, teppal peppers are used for their health benefits. They are known to be good for digestion and help with appetite suppression.

In recent years, people have been starting to use teppal peppers in other countries too, like the United States. It’s only recently that the rest of the world has discovered its incredible health benefits.

These can be found in stores that sell Indian food or they can be ordered online from specialty stores.

The best way to cook with teppal peppers is by using them in sauces or dips and you can also use them as an ingredient for stir-fries or raw salads.

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