Death of Juluis Ceasar

Who is Vincenzo Camuccini?

Vincenzo Camuccini was born in 1773 in Rome. He had an elder brother named Pietro. He spent most of his childhood days with Pietro, watching and learning everything he could. Pietro was in the business of restoring old paintings and was quite good at it.

vincenzo Camuccini
Vincenzo Camuccini

Being around his elder brother and watching him restore old paintings might just be the one that sparked his interest after all.

Learnings and work

In fact, Pietro was his first teacher and he taught him everything he knew about the artwork, especially the restoration of artwork.

Pietro also studied art under Domenico Corvi and Vincenzo followed suit. Camuccini was a quick learner and it was at Corvi’s studio where his style of art was crafted. Corvi was one of the early pioneers of the Neoclassical style of art and you can see that play through in Vincenzo’s artwork in later years.

Vincenzo Camuccini completed painting his first work of art in 1798 when he was 25 years old. It was about the death of Julius Ceasar and also was given the same name. In Italian, it was called ‘La Morte di Cesare’.

Since then he was called to Munich and Paris to help paint certain key moments in the respective places.

He was influenced by the works of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Poussin. So in 1833, the tomb of Raphael was discovered during the excavations of the Pantheon, and Vincenzo Cammucini was asked to draw a portrait of the discovery of Raphael’s tomb.

Being inspired by Raphael, Vincenzo agreed to this wholeheartedly and created this portrait.

He was a talented portraitist and was considered the first artist of History Painting in Rome of his time.

His birth and his life coincided with the Neoclassical art era. Neoclassicism reigned between 1770 and 1840, Camuccini was born in 1773 and died in 1844. It is as if he was born just for this art period or you could make a case otherwise as well where the one art period evolved around him and his works.

Most famous painting by Vincenzo Camuccini – La Morte di Cesare

Julius Ceasar was assassinated by his fellow generals who suspected that he had gone rogue. They could not rest given the present and the future of the state of this empire were in Ceasar’s hands. So they had to take action to preserve their futures.

Julius Ceasar was killed during the Ides of March. This event has multiple meanings, you can learn the different Ides of March meanings here.

Vincenzo Camuccini - La Morte di Cesare
Vincenzo Camuccini – La Morte di Cesare. Source: Wikipedia Commons

This painting was Vincenzo Camuccini’s most famous painting and unexpectedly it happens to be the first large canvas portrait he has done. It Italian it is called, La Morte di Cesare.

Vincenzo Camuccini paintings

Conversion of St. Paul

Conversion of St. Paul
Conversion of St. Paul

Discovery of Romulus and Remus

Discovery of Romulus and Remus
Discovery of Romulus and Remus

Incredulity of St. Thomas reproduced in mosaic in St. Peter’s at Rome

Incredulity of St. Thomas
Incredulity of St. Thomas

Apparition of Christ in Limbo

Apparition of Christ in Limbo
Apparition of Christ in Limbo

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