River landscape with mill

Who is Theo van Doesburg?

Theo van Doesburg was born on 30th August 1883 in the Netherlands. This was not his name as of his birth. His original name was Christian Emil Marie Küpper as per WikiArt.

Theo van Doesburg paintings
Theo van Doesburg paintings

Theo’s biological father’s name was Wilhelm Küpper. As he grew up he was not fond of his father and their relationship was strained. He had a liking towards his stepfather, Theodorus Doesburg, and considered him to be his natural father.

And for that reason alone he signed his first works under his name and added ‘van’ to his name later on in his career. This shows us how much he valued his stepfather and the beautiful relationship that both of them shared.

Theo van Doesburg then went on to found ‘De Stijl’ which was the first-ever journal devoted to abstraction in art. The interesting thing about the artists behind this movement were not the first to practice the abstract art form.

He passed away in March of 1931 and has many works in art, poetry, and architecture.

Theo van Doesburg and concrete art

The term concrete art was coined by Theo van Doesburg in 1930. He released a manifesto talking about a new form of art and introduced the concept of concrete art to the world. That manifesto was named ‘Manifesto of Concrete Art‘.

He was a big pioneer of this form of art and also stated that there was nothing more concrete or more real than a line, a color, or a plane.

Famous Theo van Doesburg quote

The point is to situate man within painting, rather than in front of it.

Theo van Doesburg – Source: Art Story

List of top 5 Theo van Doesburg paintings

Heroic Movement – 1916

Heroic Movement
Heroic Movement – 1916

River landscape with mill – 1931

River landscape with mill - Theo van Doesburg paintings
River landscape with mill – Theo van Doesburg paintings

Russian Dance – 1918

Russian Dance
Russian Dance

Simultaneous Counter Composition – 1929

Simultaneous Counter Composition
Simultaneous Counter Composition

City Traffic – 1929

City Traffic
City Traffic

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